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     Welcome to the Award Winning CUL8R teen time travel mystery book series.  We originally set out to write a book series just for teens but the reviews and interest by readers in their 20's, 30's and beyond, has been awesome. After all, to be a best selling book or best selling book series, you have to write what people want to read. 

     And for decades, readers have wanted to read about and get lost in the pages of a best selling book series where the lead characters become empowered and are able to overcome obstacles that were in their path.  To time travel back and deal with a situation or problem from the past and to make it right is a proved genre for a book series.  Many teens have told us they would time travel back to change things that were unfair even if it was before they were born.  Our time travel blog site pole told us that teens would rather time travel to the past than time travel to the future.  This teen time travel book series is unique in many ways.  Our four teens, live in Fort Myers Beach, Florida and are mature with a great sense of humor.  But after they time travel back to decades before they were born they became fish out of water even though they were at their own high school!  Because it is a time travel book series the books are interconnected to a degree where the story and characters demand them to be.

     Unlike other time travel stories like Back To The Future, we wanted our teens to have a  dog in the fight.  They risked their lives and futures for a reason that mattered both to them as individual teens and mattered to teens in today.  The issues they tackle are not pretty and often are the uglier side of life as we know it.  And we are able to get on the right mission beacuse our teens are able to speak with the victims personally.  We accomplished this with help from Thomas Edison. 

     Unlike Albert Einstein, Edison wasn't known for his beliefs surrounding time travel but rather his little known fascination with the paranormal. Specifically, communication with the dead!  Oh sure his estate and decedents deny his interest in this phenomena but his public magazine articles and the statements he made during the last ten years of his life say otherwise.

     But we needed to be sure the teen time travel foursome worked on something that was bigger than them and to do that we went back to the reason we're here to begin with.  Think about it, life is like a book series with three books.  Title the books . . .

   1.  The day you're born,
   2.  The day you realize why you were born and
   3.  The day you finally do something about it with your life 

     None of us remember the first book, the day we were born.  Book #2 for some people is never read or if read the book is not understood until it is late in life.  Book #3, when we finally take charge and do what is important to the reason we're here, happens long after the teen years. Usually.   Kelly, Scott, Austin and Zoey became speed readers as they grasp what book #2 had to say and they begin living in book #3.   

     Their new friendship will be tested and their lives put on the line as they learn how to combat the dangers of living life on the edge in an era before they were born.  The CUL8R book series teaches them how to rely on their friends.  The CUL8R book series deals with important issues of today and yesterday, but its teens also know how to have fun in the moment.  It's all about . . .

          • Friendship
          • Time Travel
          • Mystery
          • Romance
          • Danger
          • Adventure

     Albert Einstein said of the idea of time travel "People like us, who believe in physics, know that the distinction between past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion." 

     Stretch your illusions and follow the four brave and creative teens as they outwit and outlast the unknown dangers that await them and the evils that want to stop their success and jeopardize their lives as they time travel to the past in the CUL8R time travel mystery book series.

     The creative talent behind the CUL8R Teen Time Travel Mystery Series is Kathy Clark, author of over 20 award winning best selling fiction books and a New York Times multi-million best selling author in her career.  She's a believer in teen time travel stories and loves teen  fiction written with an edge and humor.
The CUL8R series takes place in the town of Fort Myers Beach, Florida.  The montage starts in 5 seconds.
SPECIALS THANKS TO @Sydpot for the pic addition and Doug at Fort Myers Beach Radio

A fictional book series about teen time travel, teen time travelers,  teens addressing serious teen issues, teens handling romantic situations and dealing with adults who are in a position of authority. Teen time travel back to the 1960s, 1980s, the early 1900's and before.  Why go there?  

Why teen time travel? Why not leave everything set in today’s world? 

There are three reasons.     

     First, by taking the teen characters back in time it sets up the popular fish-out-of-water scenario that readers love.

     Second, it becomes a form of a history lesson when you realize that there was a time when luggage didn't have wheels, cell phones didn't exist, schools didn't have armed guards and information flowed so slowly that solutions were not easily available when trying to save a life.

     Third,  by taking the reader to a time they are less familiar with, such as 1966 when OMG takes place. the readers are exposed to feelings and events they would not otherwise consider. 

     Teen time travel allows us to take some of today’s most difficult issues in a teen’s life and set them in a parallel plot line that both entertains and educates as our teens solve a mystery and accomplish a worthwhile mission in a time before they were born.

Why Write a Teen Time Travel Series?

     The reason for the teen time travel series is clear.  First of all, we want to entertain and provide alternative ways for teens to use their imagination.  But we also feel it is important to present teens with positive role models who are doing worthwhile deeds for reasons bigger then themselves.  The mountains they climb in their time travel adventure and the reasons they risk life and limb for someone else’s benefit center on problems that have been around in one form or another for hundreds of years.  Teens should know that there are solutions to their problems and that they are not the first, nor the last to have to deal with bad things.  
     Teens today are confronted and are aware of issues such as suicide, serial killers, sexual molesters and rapists, self-image issues that lead to destructive behavior, teen-to-teen physical and mental abuse or simply the trials and tribulations of friendship and dating are all serious teen issues.  Our teen time travel book series explores these and other teen issues and offers options and alternatives that are available and follows them through to an acceptable conclusion.
     Bottom line, we believe that teens today could use some role models who use their intellect and logic to deal with real-life issues.  With team work and sacrifice, they can overcome obstacles, figure out the problem and work to solve the mystery. And no zombies, vampires or superheroes were harmed in the process!

     Teens have plenty of options for escapism.  We're offering them a fun way to deal with the real issues in their lives.

There is strong paranormal element in the CUL8R stories. What does that do to help set the stage or move the story along?

     In Hollywood terminology, “It’s Back to the Future” meets “90210”.
     We wanted the reason our teen time travel travelers risked their lives to time travel to the unknown would be something as important as saving someone's life, not something as frivolous as an accidental time travel event for personal gain.
     We wanted to keep the overarching humor of today’s teens dealing with being adults in a time that they had only heard of from their grandparents or their history books. We used the paranormal influences to provide a personal reason and to make it  important and worthy enough for young teen to risk their lives to right whatever wrong they have discovered.
     To make it more believable, we involved some of the actual history as well as some of the rumors about Thomas Edison who was a winter resident in Fort Myers, Florida near Fort Myers Beach where the CUL8R Series takes place.


Planned Press Release for Book #4 RIP, March, 2014 

Colorado’s Stanley Hotel hosts a new ghost story by Bob Kat titled RIP (Rest in Peace) to be released on February 25, 2014.  “While The Stanley Hotel has been featured in TV, movies & books in the past, it is refreshing to see a new twist on the use of the hotel,” Jesse Freitas, Manager of The Stanley Hotel stated.

The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado was founded by F.O. Stanley, a wealthy businessman forced to move west for health reasons. The expansive property boasts amazing architecture, a magnificent setting and spectacular views, but it may forever be best known as the inspiration for Stephen King’s spine-tingling novel “The Shining” and the subject of Ghost Hunters, the American paranormal reality television series on several occasions.

“But now The Stanley Hotel is in the news again,” says Kathy Clark, a.k.a. Bob Kat, an American fiction author, 

Jesse Feitas said, “We are excited that the CUL8R book series has chosen The Stanley Hotel as a destination for RIP, not only to tie in a connection with the paranormal stories but traveling back in time to the first couple of years in The Stanley Hotel’s history brings in a whole new fun element to the story.” 

“My co-writer in this series, husband Bob Wernly of Austin, Texas and I chose to set the 4th book in the CUL8R Time Travel Mystery Series at the infamous hotel after several trips and many weeks of guest time over the years.  We worked hard to describe the hotel as accurately as possible because it’s such a wonderful place and we wanted to do it justice.  Several years ago I was lucky enough to go on a private ghost hunt with Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson of Ghost Hunters, crawling through the basement tunnels not open to the public in total darkness which really added to the authenticity of the story,” Kathy said.

RIP (Rest in Peace) is Kathy’s 31st novel and will be released formally on all the major on-line bookstores on February 25th and is available in both e-book and paperback.  Kathy has sold over 3 million books globally and has appeared on the NY Times and USA Today bestsellers’ list for her romance novels where she cut her author teeth on her first 23 books.

“In 2012 we joined the crowd of authors who moved from the traditionally published to the self-published e-book marketplace.  This is our eighth novel as Indie-Authors,” said Bob, “including four young adult novels in the CUL8R series, two romantic suspense novels in the DENVER AFTER DARK series and the first book BABY DADDY in the SCANDALS new adult series.  All but the CUL8R series are written under Kathy Clark’s pen name.”

“Self-publishing allows writers the freedom to include content that traditional publishers would shy away from. And the publishing process is more than a year quicker, so we can continue to focus on the next book in the series instead of waiting for executive approval,” Kathy explained.

The CUL8R series is about four teens from Fort Myers Beach, Florida.  “We had to make the time travel trips to the past in the novels really matter…life and death situations that force the teenagers to depend on their intelligence, ingenuity and friendship so they can change the past to save the future.”  Bob explained.  “I discovered an October 1920 issue of American Magazine with an article that Thomas Edison was developing an electrical device to speak with the dead.  This later became known as his Telephone to the Dead.  Since Edison spent much of his life in the Fort Myers area, what if our teenagers found that invention, tucked away in the garage of a distant relative who had worked for Edison?  What if our personality survives our passing as Edison believed?”

“In RIP [Rest In Peace] you don’t have to believe in ghosts…until you meet one,” Kathy added.

The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado has a well-deserved reputation for being one of the most haunted places in the U.S.  So, when Kelly, Scott, Austin and Zoey travel back to 1911 to try to save a young child who went missing from the busy lobby, they aren’t surprised when ghost children run up and down the halls.

There’s romance in the Rockies as they take jobs with the hotel so they can keep an eye on 4 year old Emma and her family.  Kelly struggles with her attraction to Austin while Zoey tries to get over her broken heart.  Along the way, they meet some colorful historical characters and experience life among the rich and famous just after the turn of the twentieth century.  After three other successful time travel adventures, they assume it’s just a matter of being in the right place at the right time.  That almost proves to be a fatal mistake.

Kathy concluded, “But can they save Emma?  Or will they join her as permanent guests in the ghostly halls of The Stanley Hotel?” 

RIP was pre-released for reviewers and bloggers in e-book and paperback through all the major book retailers such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Google Play, Apple ibooks, Kobo and Smashwords starting February 25th.

This is an overview of the three book CUL8R Time Travel Mystery / Romance series collection.

Change the past, Save the future...but do it for less!

3 complete, unabridged novels are included in this collection about four high school friends who are able to do two things no one else on the planet can with dead people and time travel to the past. 

OMG [Oh My God], Book #1 of the CUL8R Time Travel Mystery/Romance series. Winner of the Best Indie Book of 2013 for Young Adults and Finalist in the 2013 Beverly Hills Book Awards.

Kelly has just moved in with her aunt in Ft. Myers Beach, Florida. She quickly makes friends with her next door neighbors Scott and Austin. They find a long-lost invention of Thomas Edison called “The Telephone to the Dead” through which they can hear hundreds of sad, lonely voices of souls that have passed but apparently never moved on. 

A teenage girl named Wendy begs for their help. They find out that she had gone to their own high school...47 years ago. She had been a popular cheerleader who had apparently committed suicide. They want to help, but they have no way to travel back in time. That is, until Scott reveals an invention of his own...a time travel app. Although they are skeptical, they meet on the beach. At the last moment, a fourth person runs forward and is pulled into their time travel adventure back to 1966 where they discover the secret to Wendy’s death is not as clear-cut as it would seem. A romance gone wrong, an overly-attentive teacher and a young girl’s dreams for the future are all twisted into a mystery that causes the teens to take greater risks than they could have imagined. Suddenly, their own lives are in danger and they realize they may never make it back to the present.


BRB [Be Right Back], Book #2 of the CUL8R Time Travel Mystery/Romance series. Finalist in the Reader’s Favorite Awards of 2013. 

A very young girl speaking in Spanish cries out to them, saying her whole family has been murdered on an island just off the east coast of Florida. They look the island up on Google Maps and see that it is completely deserted. The teens decide to pop in, spend a nice day on the beach, check out the island to see if there is any truth to the girl’s story, then pop right back. It sounds like a great plan. 

From the very beginning, things go wrong. After swimming for their lives, they collapse on the beach that is, indeed, beautiful. But it isn’t deserted. They find the little girl, her family and a half dozen more people living in a sprawling Florida-style home owned by a menacing man named Manuel. He gives them no opportunity to escape and insists that they stay in the house. What they discover during their visit is enough to almost get them all killed. 

As they struggle to survive, Kelly tries to ignore her attraction to Austin, who clearly isn’t interested in a romance. How could she have such strong feelings for two boys? Then people start dying and all they can think about is saving the families and themselves. Are they destined to be a madman’s latest victims? Their time travel adventure to a tropical paradise may turn out to be their last. 

BION [Believe It Or Not], Book #3 of the CUL8R Time Travel Mystery/Romance series.  

A young woman’s voice comes through and asks them to find her twin brother, Jesse, who had run away to the circus in 1927, then disappeared and was never heard from again. 

It doesn’t take them long to discover that circus life is not all glamour and fun; it’s a lot of hard work. They jump in and quickly find jobs. But most importantly, they find Jesse. Now all they have to do is keep him alive.

For Zoey and Jesse, it’s love at first sight. Should they be successful and save his life, will Zoey be able to let him go? Is it possible for him to come to 2013 with her? Is it possible for her to stay in 1927 with him? Ultimately, can she give up everything she has in the present for true love in the past?  

[The font is small for a reason...most parents can't read this small font!]

Just a reminder we are always seeking relevant important teen issues for our teen time travel book series.   If you have teen time travel destination ideas or issues facing teens today that can be incorporated into the book series let us know.  Kelly has her own email at  There's a reward [much bigger than a free book and not as big as the entire book series] for winning this one.  Keep in mind when they teen time travel back in the book to make it a best selling teen time travel work of fiction the four teens will need clothes [we'll figure that out] that make them fit in, money or a way to earn money [we got that covered as you already saw in the first book] and the ability to speak the language.  It isn't easy packing for a trip to before you were even born.

Please don's ask us to teen time travel back to the dark ages at any time in the book series.  We're never going to write  a book about teen time travel to deal with vampires.  In fact we'll never write a book about zombies, a book about superheros, a book about spider teen or a book about super teen or a book about 90% of what passes for good fiction these days.  Our book series is all about smart teens and with great personalities who can operate independent in life and without a helicopter parent within 20 years of them!  Our book series has the same four teens as lead characters.  As you read each teen time travel book in the book series you may be missing the clues [set-up] for future books!  Several readers have gone back to re-read the first book OMG. 

And two final things.  First, Kathy Clark, the creative spirit behind the CUL8R time travel book series, has written 23 romance and women's fiction novels in her career before this series.  She has sold well over 3 million of them worldwide in 11 languages.  So if your parents want to know, this book series contains no explicit sex but teens will be teens and there is and will always be tension between teens in this book series or any book series.  The book series will always be dipped in reality, both today and yesterday, whenever that is or was or will be...whatever.  Second, she does have another book series, a fiction book series titled Denver After Dark.  It is adult fiction with a splash of romance and this book series is not intended for teens.   There is no time travel involved except for the people who end up dead and their journey could be consider3ed time travel.  It's a t least a change in location.  The book series follows three brothers who are cops, foreman and a paramedic in Denver City.  It is up for a 2013 award for both Amazon and the Colorado Book Award. It is mentioned here to let you know she knows how to wrote a book series. 

We will also from time to time have free CUL8R book series giveaways as we launch new books in  book series.  Signup for the blog site or Kelly's tweets @kellycul8r .

BTW...we will show your name in the dedication of the book we base on your idea!  We figure if you're reading this you have a ton of friends and that they will all buy the book and make it a best selling teen book and it will be on all the best selling teen book lists.  That's the plan so get busy.  Our white board is full of ideas but we're not proud.  After all we let four teens take control of the entire CUL8R time travel mystery book series didn't we?

So back to the writing of theCUL8R time travel book series book #2, BRB.  Different places, different time, different teen issue, but all part of the teen book series. I figure we have another 10 books while they are still a teen and in high school.  The book series could easily continue on to college.  Then the teen partying gets serious!

We are proud to announce that book #1, OMG, of the CUL8R Time Travel Mystery Series was voted #1 Young Adult book by The Best Indie Book Award competition for 2013. The judges gave it their #1 ranking over 1,000's of entries.  We also received a Finalist sward in the 2013 Beverly Hills Book Awards!


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